Blogging from the PC or MAC?

Blogging from the PC or MAC?

Why not journal what you want to have on your blog site using an application on your PC or MAC?

Blogging Computer

I’ve been using a journal program on my computer to keep notes and various information like conversations, phone numbers, etc., for about 2-3 years now.  The program I use, and highly recommend is called The Journal, provided by David Michael.  This has been, without a doubt, one of the coolest programs I’ve ever used! (I understand there is a decent Mac program for journaling called MacJurnal – check it out here.)

The nice thing is, if your using a WordPress blogging application on a web site, as I do here, you can then upload your journal to a blog.  Also, The Journal will provide multiple categories and pages.

This web site, however, is a merge of Joomla! (one of the best content management systems) with WordPress (one of the best blog systems), thanks to CorePHP who created this awesome component for Joomla! and WordPress.

The important thing is, use what works best for you.  If you like to Journal and if you think it might help someone else, why not share it on a blog web site?  And, for pastors, ministers, teachers and leaders, what a way to do it?  Aren’t you usually typing your notes somewhere?  Why not in a Journal?  Then upload it to a blog?

There are some free blog sites out there but, if you want total control, get your own site at with your own domain name, like  (I am working on some very reasonable web sites for anyone interested in just setting up a blog site so stay tuned!)  Looking at the links on the right of my Home page, you will see I have a couple daughters who have their own blog sites and it didn’t take me long to help get them setup.  Let me know if I can help and please feel free to comment!
God Bless!

~ Bill
PS. This was written in The Journal then uploaded to my web site.  Cool! 🙂