Templates – Joomla has a ton of them!

Templates – Joomla has a ton of them!

Haloween Pumpkin

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick blog to share with you one of the greatest things about the Content Management System (CMS) that I use, Joomla!, is that you can change the templates pretty quickly.  It took me about 30 minutes to do this, with most of that time spent on a Logo at the top.  I also had to rearrange the modules (things like the search, twitter info, newsletter sign up, etc.) to set in the correct position of the web site.  All the graphics was already done for me.  With Joomla, you I set you up with templates, pre-made or custom, as well as modules to better communicate with your clients.

I hope you like this template and if any of you ever need a blog site (using WordPress or Joomla!) for personal or business, I can help you out.  If you need a business site, I’ve got some pretty reasonable options for you so don’t be afraid to contact me.  If you find me on Google, you’ll see there is a coupon out there.  You just have to find it!

And, thanks to Joomlabear.com for the free template.  These guys and many other developers out there do an awesome job of creating these types of templates and other things for your Joomla and WordPress web sites.

God Bless!