Twitter Follow Friday

Twitter Follow Friday




Well, its Friday and in Twitter land, we like pass on other Tweeters to others so they can follow too.  The common term for this is Follow Friday (hash word is #FF).  Rather then send out multiple Tweeters, I’m going to start listing them here (thanks to Chris Brogan’s Blog on this recommendation) and you can click to their profile then follow them.  This will be a weekly thing for me and I will be making changes or at least adding more so come back weekly!

@poetpecky: So, for starters, I start with my Mom. She has always been an inspiration to me. In fact, she does a weekly blog & newsletter called “Inspiration from the Mountains” via her web site at

@chrisbrogan: He’s a savvy social networking and marketing blogger and informer. He wrote the article on doing this, rather then clogging up the Twitterverse. I think its a great idea!

@SolutionCoach: I’ve recently been spending some time with Sean and he truly wants to help people big time.  He’s also on the verge of some great tools and training for business leaders and entrepreneurs.  Stay tuned there.

#NoCo List: I’ve got a great list of Tweeters from Northern Colorado. Its growing and currently has at least a couple hundred. Feel free to follow it if you like. And, if you want to refer more to me, please direct message (DM) me.

#Colorado List: I’ve got a list of Tweeters from Colorado, which is almost at 450. I’m sure there are many, many more but its hard to keep tracke of them.

Believers-In-Christ: I am a Christian. Therefor, I’ve created a list that might help lead you to others of the same faith. I could have called it “Christian” but since that word has been so abused, I decided to name it as it is.  So, please feel free to follow it as I try to keep it up too.  If you want to see just those who are leaders in the faith, go too …

Ministry: This is a list of those I believe are Ministers in the Christian faith.

@StevanStein: He and his wife are the owners of Chick-fil-A in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Stevan shares deals going on at his store. Besides, he’s a great guy and a blessing to the community! You could also follow @chickfila who offers coupons and such.

@andrewfisk: My son-in-law and quite the web techy too. He’s married to my daughter @ChairBear85.  They are both Missionaries and very active in social networking with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). Check ’em out when you can.