Welcome to Bill’s Blog

Welcome to Bill’s Blog

bill_on_buck_mar-09_x400_reverseWelcome to the blog site of Bill Watkins!

This web site blog is dedicated to helping people to increase their presence on the Internet, as well as helpful tips for doing things on-line as well as for working with their computers.  Generally, the information here is a result of my work, research and answered questions from clients, family or friends.

I know, I know: how many blog site are there on the Internet?  I’m betting millions.  However, I get asked a lot of questions by my clients, family, friends and even total strangers about the Internet, Web Sites, Security, Computers.  Though I  am not the guru of any of the subject matters, I have a broad array of experience in just about anything to do with Web Sites, the Internet and Computers.

So, the purpose of this web site is to share information to my clients, family, friends and anyone else who can use help with web sites for their businesses, organizations or personal use.  Please feel free to browse around and take advantage of this web site.

Contact me too, if you feel the need to, especiallyt if it’s something personal or you need help.  You may also provide feedback to each of the blog entries at the bottom of each posting so fee free to do that too.


Thanks and God Bless!

~ Bill